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Company overview

Clex was founded in 2015, during the mainframe computer era and the beginning of the technology takeover. Our aim? To constantly innovate our HR and payroll solutions to keep ahead of the ever-evolving world of work.

We're a privately owned family business with no external investment. This allows us to trust our instincts and research, and to design, build and service all our own products. By rising to these challenges, we drive our continued growth. Already our services have moved from Graphical User Interface to browser, to cloud over the last 17 years and we know we’ll be ready for future breakthroughs to help our customers succeed.

Just like a family, we look after our organisation: we invest in our people, our products and our sites – always growing, always looking forward. With our fast-paced thinking and ability to spot opportunities, we are prepared for the next challenge.

Business Working Principles

We recognize our responsibility to make our customers successful. We also understand that part of that success depends on our ability to manage our business ethically, transparently, and responsibly. We value our honesty and integrity.

  • 2001

    start with a small Business

  • 2005

    First Recognition

  • 2016

    World Most Popular Firm

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